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African coral was incorporated to solve the problem of the global housing deficit. We are a proudly Nigerian company offering housing solutions in real estate sector.

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“We Are Passionate About Solving the Problem of the Global Housing Deficit…”


African Coral was incorporated to solve the problem of global housing deficit. We are a proudly Nigerian company offering housing solutions in the real estate sector. Our products and modern estates combine good value, good title, adequate security, desired amenities, and a positive atmosphere for our clients and occupants.

Investing in Real estate is generally a great investment option. Most people use it to generate ongoing passive income and as a good long-term investment because the value increases over time. We advise our clients to use it as a part of their overall strategy in building wealth.

Because we know that buying a home, apartment complex, or piece of land is a key aspect of your investment portfolio, we give advisory services to enable you to make the right choice.

Many of our clients majorly seek to acquire our products for investment purposes. The value offered comes with a guarantee of title, unmatched levels of customer service and attention to detail. For our investors, we strive to ensure constant improvement of the value of our lot; hence profits for clients who buy our products for investment are projected to be substantial over the next three years.


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Zenithgate Estate

Product Description: We present the biggest real estate advantage today.

500sqm Plot in vantage location at Moniya. With easy access the Lagos and other parts of the country via the railway.

The key value appreciation drivers:

  1. Its proximity to the Lagos – Ibadan Railway Line Train Station (less than 3.5 km)
  2. Its proximity to the Ibadan Dry Port (less than 3.5km)
  3. Dry and Good Land
  4. It is on a major road and tarred road.
  5. Not rowdy and not obscure, perfect for a residential use.
  6. Less than 14 miles from University of Ibadan

We Guide You Through the Process

African Coral is focused on connecting people with acquiring their property. At African coral, you can be sure that you will get the best price for acquiring the property of your choice. We don’t just dive into making sales; our team of professionals take their time to speak with our clients to clearly understand their needs.


We know you have questions and we have taken our time to provide answers to the likely questions we know you are thinking about. And if you don’t find answers in any of the questions that we have anticipated that you might ask, we will be glad to provide an answer to you. All you need to do is get in touch with us.

After I have seen what I want, What next?

Now that you have seen a property that you will like to acquire on our website. The next step you need to take is to contact us and we will take you for inspection.

How do you handle your property acquisition process?

At African Coral, the process of property acquisition is very important to us. We don’t just dive into selling a property, we take the time to understand what our clients want and then, provide advisory services. This is to enable them to clearly make a choice that will not only suit their budget but meet their needs.

How can I make a purchase from this website?

All you need to do is go through our property listings, make a choice and then schedule an inspection. Your inspection could actually start online by looking at the specifications, location and price. If those conditions are met, then we will be glad to accompany you for a real inspection.

Do you work around your client's budget?

Our value propositions are clearly defined. We know that there are clients whose budget might not afford a deluxe property and they are keen on getting a good property for either investment purposes or personal use. This is where we come in. At African Coral, we advice our clients based on their budget. And we make sure we help them acquire their desired property.  

Can I contact African Coral for other needs?

Yes, you can. Apart from helping you purchase a property, we can also help you resell your property; helping you transfer your valued property to liquid cash.  

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