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Please carefully read the terms and conditions of this sale below and sign the form at the bottom of the page if you agree with the terms: 1. I acknowledge my obligation to pay the total sum payable under this agreement, all instalments due in my payment plan for the plot(s) I subscribed to. I also acknowledge the right of the African Coral Ltd to revoke my title and claims to any plot(s) due to me if I fail, refuse or neglect to pay within the stipulated payment period. If my allocation is terminated due to my failure to pay the sums due within the stipulated period in this form, such termination will attract a penalty of 30% of total sums paid under this agreement. A refund shall be made after the designated plot (s) has been sold by African Coral Ltd. 2. I will be liable to pay developmental charges. These charges will be assessed and fixed by the Estate Management of the Estate in which the plot lies. 3.I will be liable to pay for the survey plan of the plot(s) I purchase. 4.I will abide by the Estate Regulations of the Estate in which my plot(s) lies